What We Do

We talk to small businesses all day long and we hear the same thing over and over.  ” I have a facebook page for my business but I don’t know what to do with it” . Or we hear “I know I need to be on the social media channels but I don’t really know what to do and I don’t really have the time to manage something like that”. This is where we come in. You have enough to deal with managing your business. We can help you !!!! Let us manage your social media marketing the right way.

First of all, we take the time to find out what your company needs. We then build a social strategy  that  specifically helps achieve your goals and targets. We will handle all the strategy, the designing, the postings, the commenting, the engaging, the promoting, the marketing and the building of your fan base on all the channels that are needed; whether it is facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, pinterest or blogging. We will also track everything that is happening so you can see for yourself what is working and not working anytime you want to take a look.

If you need us to create content like write blogs, create a video, design marketing material, design photo galleries, design email marketing newsletters just let us know. We can do it !!! It is that simple.

If you already have good handle on it all and just need some advice, well we can help you there too. Just give us a call at 904-302-6106 or float us an email to steve.socialmediaguru@gmail.com.  and we will see what we can do.

Check us out on facebook or follow us on twitter too !!!!!


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